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The ecash pospoint is a complete cash management solution for your venue that allows your customers secure and convenient access to their cash without having to leave your venue.

pospoint by ecash, a revolutionary payment device designed to interact with customers. Providing an innovative, elegant solution, whilst not compromising on security, quality and compliance.

The stylish, compact pospoint design supports smart cards, and ensures transactional security with PCI PTS 3.x certification. While cash and reject notes are kept secure in separately lockable compartments, in a digital time-lock delay controlled safe.


pospoint is the very latest in integrated cash dispensing payment solutions, specifically designed for venues where access to cash from ATMs is restricted. pospoint continues to meet the demands and requirements of the highly regulated Australian gaming industry landscape.


The ecash NH2700 is specially designed to provide a reliable and cost-effective ATM solution for the retail and independent ATM deployer markets. With one of the smallest footprints, and available in both indoor lobby and fully-weatherised through-the-wall models.

The ecash NH2700 features the fast & reliable cash cassettes and cash dispensing mechanism as used in the ecash Cash Redemption Terminal.


The ecash NH2700 offers flexible installation options. Built around the stable and cost-effective Windows CE platform, the ecash NH2700 is designed to operate day-in day-out with the minimum of maintenance.

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